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About Us

Smile Drinkware USA is a privately owned company dedicated to bringing a smile to every customer's face with each and every purchase of our Tritan Drinkware. We focus on service and quality to exceed your expectations and we offer Lifetime Guaranteed Tritan plastic insulated tumblers at prices that will amaze you!

At Smile Drinkware USA, we know what goes into making the best Tritan tumblers. That's why we craft our tumblers out of super durable, nontoxic TritanTM plastic and use double walled insulation to keep drinks at the ideal temperature. Our tumblers are microwave and dishwasher safe for your convenience, and each one is uniquely designed to show off your personality.

In our collection of tumblers here at Smile Drinkware USA, we have sizes to suit every need from the 12-ounce for a cocktail or a morning cup of coffee, the 16-ounce for all-day sipping and the 26-ounce for those with serious thirst!

No matter which of our tumblers you choose, you can be sure you're getting a cup of unparalleled quality, and we'll be here to help you find the perfect tumbler and to answer all of your questions about our products.


At Smile Drinkware USA, we make our tumblers to order to your exact specifications. You can choose the size that you desire and the right color for the included lid and straw. Then, you can select the perfect personalization, whether you want to add your name, a date or a quote or passage from your favorite book, we can do it for you in the color and font that you desire.

The Smile Drinkware USA Difference

Our commitment to quality sets us apart from our competitors. We manufacture our tumblers out of the same high quality BPA-free, safe TritanTM material that baby bottles are made of, and we ultrasonically weld our tumblers with state of the art welding equipment to keep the decorations secure between the two walls of the tumbler. In addition, the walls of our tumblers are thicker which provides added insulation.

When you buy Smile Drinkware USA tumblers, you won't just be supporting an American retailer; you'll be supporting American manufacturing. We make each of our tumblers right here in the USA, but we still manage to keep our prices lower than what you'll find in the online stores of the big guys.

Quite simply, Smile Drinkware USA gives you more for less money.

Smile Drinkware USA tumblers are great for:

  • Corporate gifts for customers and employees
  • Community outreach through event sponsorships
  • Company branding and marketing
  • Commemorating special events
  • Sales contests
  • Fundraising sales
  • Winter holiday gifts
  • Mother's Day & Father's Day gifts
  • Valentine's Day & anniversary gifts
  • Birthday gifts
  • Back to school
  • Much, much more


What Are Your Tumblers Made Out Of?

We use BPA-free TritanTM material in the construction of our tumblers. The plastic is made in the USA by Eastman and is free of BPA and EA. Because of its safety and strength, this plastic is also used to make baby bottles.

Can I Take My Tumblers to the Beach and Pool?

There's nothing like sipping a cool drink while you lounge on the pool deck or soak in the sun on the shore, and Smile Drinkware is the perfect way to take along your favorite cold beverage. While our cups are sun, wind and sand safe, please keep in mind that chemical-based sunscreens could cause a cloudy discoloration to form on the plastic tumbler, and this damage is not covered by our lifetime warranty. Using a mineral-based sunscreen can prevent this problem.

What Is the Turnaround Time Once I Place My Order?

Once your order is received, we will get to work manufacturing it at our facility in Alpharetta, Georgia. Each tumbler is made to order and typically ships within 1 to 4 days. Please allow longer for personalized and custom tumblers. If you need to have your order by a certain date, please let us know in the Comments section of the Shopping Cart, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

How Do I Remove the Lid?

The snap fit lid is designed to stay securely in place to prevent leaks, but it can be a little stiff at first. To remove the lid, place the tumbler on a flat surface like a counter top with the back lid tab pointed toward you. Take the tumbler in both hands near the top and use the pads of both thumbs to press up on the back tab.

How Do I Wash My Tumbler?

Smile Drinkware USA tumblers are top-rack dishwasher safe. You’ll have no worries as all the decorations are placed between the two walls of the tumbler – NEVER on the outside!

Can I Put My Tumbler in the Microwave?

Yes, you can heat up a beverage in Smile Drinkware USA tumblers in the microwave, but we strongly recommend heating at 30 second intervals, as the tumblers can make liquids get hot quickly. The only exceptions are tumblers that have metallic elements in their decorations. These tumblers will have stickers that clearly indicate that they should not be microwaved. Please note, though, that they are still safe for drinking hot beverages. Contact us if you have questions about a specific tumbler.

What Can I Drink in My Tumbler?

You can drink any hot or cold beverage in Smile Drinkware USA tumblers. Please be aware that citrus-based drinks could slightly discolor the inside of the tumbler.

Can I Put my Tumbler in the Freezer?

Yes, Smile Drinkware USA tumblers are completely freezer safe.

Do I need to Use a Coaster with My Tumbler?

Our double-walled design greatly reduces condensation, but it is possible for the tumbler to become wet in extreme humid conditions.

Why Did My Tumbler Turn Cloudy?

Sometimes heat from the dishwasher and weather conditions can cause condensation to form between the walls of the tumbler. This type of cloudiness will typically disappear within 24 to 48 hours. Cloudiness can also be caused by harsh chemicals found in suntan lotion or by manufacturing defects. The latter is covered by our lifetime guarantee. Please contact us for more information.


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